Damon Williams was born with the love of music is in his heart and soul. His career has been an impressive balance of performing and producing; he has taken this opportunity to perfect his own sound and songwriting. In 2008 Damon produced Hi Town, who received 2 Na Hoku nominations and 2 Hawaiian Music Awards.

His first real concert was at preschool graduation. His father is also a singer who performed with Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson.  Damon won several major talent competitions in high school, and he went onto release his first solo album in 1997.  Soon after he began working with recording artist Fiji.  Then he went on to release several more albums and focused heavily on developing his engineering and production skills.  

The latest album from Damon Williams is "Conversations" which delivers a solid range of soulful love songs in his classic island style. 

Damon's latest album "Conversations" was well worth the wait...

now available everywhere! 

 Phat Bula Records is an independent island record label, 

rooted on the Big Island of Hawaii, 

founded in 2003.


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